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Become an Authority, Rock Your Business, Live the Dream!

Jessica Higdon

I can tell you that Nadya is absolutely incredible.  This woman is an absolute Facebook Live and Video Queen!  She’s a branding and a social media genius.  If you learn from her, you look at what she’s doing, and you follow her, I promise you and your brand- and your income – will definitely change.  If you’re looking to really up your brand, do more videos, and turn more leads into sales, she’s definitely someone to learn from.

Jessica Higdon Social Media Marketer and Home Business Expert. Has had product launches gross over 1 million in revenue.
Danelle Delgado

Nadya Melton is an online business and branding GENIUS! She has truly mastered her craft and completely dominated the social industry! If you value immediate results, innovation, relevance and unmatched presence with your brand look no further, for all others will disappoint. Nadya is THE EXPERT you have been searching for. From corporate executives aching to expand to independent business owners just beginning, she will hit the mark and multiply your results.

Hands down, every marketing referral I ever have will be given to Nadya. My brand, business and reach have grown at record speeds and delivered monumental results, from 0 to six figures in less than a year because of implementing her techniques. Strategy and presence will get you everywhere…and Nadya Melton has mastered the path! If you are in business, Nadya, the legend, must be an integral piece of your business plan. #NadyaMelton #thebomdotcom

Danelle Delgado CEO and Founder at Life Intended
Michael York


Products, Goods, Services, Systems, and more being offered and sold (or rejected) at the click of a button.

More and more individuals are BECOMING THEIR OWN BRANDS, becoming more entrepreneurial, and greater ONLINE SAVVY is a must, to go along with offline personal coaching.

If anyone asks me the “WHO SHOULD I…” question, I tell them to check out NADYA MELTON.

From MARKETING to BRANDING to CREATING CELEBRITY and all the other skills–personal and professional, required in this NOW ECONOMY to create PERSONAL BRANDING SUCCESS, Nadya is creating MUST-SEE and MUST-DO content that works! And in doing it with a STYLE all her own, she is creating over and over again, Synergies and Success Stories that can work for most anyone who is willing to learn from–and implement her ideas and strategies.

Michael York Author of "Becoming Uncommon" and "The 10 Commitments"