30-Day Mental Cleanse Challenge


If you have 1% doubt, you are out!

Especially for us, entrepreneurs, we have to think big and we have to play big however, a lot of times we encounter those stinking doubts which can slow us down.

I want to share something so powerful that I learned from Jerry Clark, a legend inside personal development industry.

Check out these easy yet ultra effective steps to unleash toxicity in your mind for a better and super productive you!

30-Day Mental Cleanse Challenge

How to Do a Mental Cleanse:

1. Read 15-20 minutes a day of something positive, uplifting and instructional first thing in the morning.
2. Turn off your television for 30 days. As Ted Turner says, “TV keeps poor people passive.
3. Turn off your radio and turn on your audio. Make your car a university on wheels! Tune into our new podcast “My Lifestyle Academy” in iTunes and take your Branding, Home Business, Online Marketing and Lifestyle to the next level!

4. Stop reading newspapers. We all know that negativity sells and we can’t blame the media for projecting negative stuff. So stand guard at the door of your mind.
5. Association is one of the keys to success. Always be mindful of whom you associate with. If you are in doubt whether or not you are with the right people, do this little exercise: Take the income of your 5 closest friends and get the average. The average will be your income. If you are happy with the result, go ahead and continue being with them. But if not, you know what to do.
6. Drink plenty of alkaline water. Jim Rohn says, “Most people don’t do well is because they don’t feel well.” And the main reason for this is that most people are dehydrated! Make sure to drink plenty of alkaline water. Take your body weight and divide it in two and drink that in ounces.
7. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
8. Reflect.

Dont Be An Extra Quote

Not that challenging, right? Make sure to do all of these for 30 days straight. If you miss a day, you will have to start all over again.

Take charge of your life. Lead the way. Be sure you are not an extra in your own movie.

I cannot even wait to see the transformation that occurs in your life!!!

Awesome Power Quotes for You:

Additional Resources to Help You:

If this post was helpful to you, let’s help some more people! Feel free to share this with anyone who might enjoy it and also comment below on your favorite tip or your biggest takeaway. I can’t wait to see your comments!

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  1. Steve Nielsen says

    Perfect timing as I just started today on my goal to loose 15lbs in the next 30 days! I’ve been drinking a lot of water. Did a cardiovascular work out for 25 minutes this morning and then went on a 1 hour bicycle ride with my wife. Feeling good! Now to kick on a audio book while I get to work.
    Thank you for the additional motivation Nadya.

  2. JOAN Heller says

    Hi I was on a roll with my online business for almost two years. learning and working. Something happened I really don’t know what! I just had no desire to continue. I want that feeling back. Years ago I did the 30 day cleanse, Think and grow rich. It was very good. I will start the water and other suggestions thankyou. Joan

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