4 Tips for Not Freezing up so You Can Crush it on Live Video

We’ve talked a lot about the power of going live and streaming live video. When you get started, if you are freezing up, that is normal behavior. Sometimes when you press record and you’re excited to deliver a message, your mind may just sit down. Usually, this happens in the beginning stages of your “live broadcasting” journey.

In fact, I believe if you have done your first couple broadcasts and you’re not freezing up on camera, you waited too long to go live! For the rest of us, just remember that you’re going to get better.

Here are some tips to help keep you from freezing up on live video.

4 Tips for Not Freezing up so You Can Crush it on Live Video

4 Tips for Not Freezing up so You Can Crush it on Live Video

My first tip is to pretend you’re talking to your best friend. When you think about the fact that you are talking to hundreds or thousands of people, you can become too concerned with what they will think. When this happens, you can come off as not being the real you. If you pretend you are talking to your best friend, you come across as more authentic and comfortable.

Live BroadcastingMy next tip is to have someone with you in the video. In this video, you’ll see Kristina and I have a lot of fun together. You have to have some fun in live video. When you’re talking business, you want to do it in a way that brings joy and generates energy.

You also want to focus on the task at hand, so my third tip is to have some notes prepared prior to pressing the live record button. This way, if you lose your though because you’re interacting and you start to become unfocused, you can very quickly refer to your notes. I recommend only two-three items in your notes.

Your videos are going to be longer when you go live, because you are interacting with the people watching you. You want to ask questions that will be relevant, and if you get off track your notes will bring you back to the topic at hand.John Melton Quote

I truly believe that kids are full of wisdom because they don’t overthink. As an adult, we tend to overthink things. So, our next tip is simple and true. Tip number four from Kristina is … Smile.

Live video can be intimidating when you overthink it. Keep practicing, and follow these four tips, and you’ll slowly begin to see yourself crushing it on live video.

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