While hard work and perseverance are important, I believe that EXPLICIT KNOWLEDGE is the difference between success and failure.


That’s why I’m so excited to share our secrets and help educate network marketers and lifestyle-preneurs (just like YOU) create successful businesses through proven, efficient, strategic, methods.

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Discovering social media and online strategies completely changed our lives. Without that knowledge we never could have become 7-figure earners, built a following of over 75,000, recruited over 1,500 people, and become top in our company while still having plenty of time to spend with our family.

We’d still be stuck working 80+ hours a week (each!), driving all over town, and never having time for our kids!

Our mission is to give you the knowledge and education you need to build a FREEDOM FOCUSED empire without having to sacrifice time with your friends and family.

Hey, Nadya here. I help entrepreneurs and network marketers turn their brilliance into a business empire without sacrificing the quality of their life.

If you are struggling with putting it all together, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

Is your home business keeping you away from home?

I hear you! See for the majority of our network marketing career, we were building it belly to belly. We were hustling like there was no tomorrow. John and I were doing PBRs (private business receptions) every night, running weekly basic and leadership trainings. And although we had a six-figure business, we had no lifestyle to speak of.

I was exhausted.

That’s where I was just a few years ago… I really lost my vision for what I was doing. I lost my spark.

It was one of darkest moments in my life…

Thankfully we took action and discovered a way to merge our 16+ years of traditional network marketing with modern online strategies to create the system that we now want to share with you!


Our goal is to show you that it’s possible to have it all: the fun, the dream schedule and the finances.


Let’s talk about the 3 BIG lessons that changed everything for our family:

1) Build your personal brand. See, the biggest mistake we made for many years was branding us by the business we were building. So the minute you begin building your personal brand, you actually take control of your life. You are no longer a hostage to one company or the economy. And it’s so refreshing. #NoMoreCommissionBreath

Building Our Brand Unlocked These Side Effects:

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  • We went from 1 stream of income to multiple streams of income
  • We now work 80% from home VS working out of the house most of the time
  • We take 12+ biz-cations/year
  • We scaled our income from 6 to 7 figures
  • We are now stay-at-home parents =)

So the decision to build our personal brands become the best business decision EVAAAAAAA!

I know that this branding journey can be tough but just know that you are on this planet for a reason and if you don’t deliver your special message and gift to the world, it will be LESS.


2) You’ve got to bring that goodness (value) to the Online World!

Today, Social Media is the fastest growing marketing sector getting people’s attention. In business and in marketing, money follows eyeballs. If you want to make more money, you have to affect more people.

Don’t be stingy with your goodness!

If you can bring it online, if you can bring that value, that goodness that you have to the Internet world, where now unlimited people can benefit from it, if you can out-teach your competition, you win and you win BIG.

People seek information before they make a buying decision and people do business with people that they know, love, and trust.

If you’re stingy with your goodness, your bank account will be stingy with you. Here is how to unlock the vault of infinite opportunity! #MyLifestyleAcademy #BreakthroughAcademyLIVE Nadya Melton

Posted by John & Nadya Melton on Wednesday, February 8, 2017


3) Use Awesome Tools to Bring Your Brand up to the Celebrity Status!

I put together one page on my site where I share with you my favorite tools to building that online reputation, to building your online celebrity brand.

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I hope you find it ultra valuable! So… I’m here to tell you that you can have it all (an awesome business and a rocking life). And we will show you how.

3 Tips to Taking You and Your Business Online Pronto

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5 Things that Stink About Being an Entrepreneurial Family. #MyLifestyleAcademy Posted by John & Nadya Melton on Monday, October 10, 2016

 This website is a way for me to pay forward. I love sharing the latest, greatest insights that equipped us for success.

Thank you so much for being here. I truly appreciate your time and I can’t wait to get to know you more and help you become a celebrity in your niche, rock your business and your life!

Nadya XO

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