How to Be Unapologetically You with Jessie Lee Ward

So many people fail in business because they simply lack the confidence. They don’t know how to show up in a powerful way. They are a bit confused about how to cultivate that posture, especially online.

If you ever doubt yourself or not sure about how to put your best foot forward, you are going to love my interview with Jessie Lee Ward.

Jessie Lee is a total rockstar and truly one of the most powerful lady-preneurs I’ve ever had a chance to work with. She is currently the number one recruiter and the number one in personal sales in our company. She is a total crusher!

I had to pick her brain and pass on her secret to success to you.

How to Be Unapologetically You with Jessie Lee Ward

Jessie Lee proclaims that being who you are and doing it unapologetically is the secret to success. She says, “You will be more successful as soon as you accept who you are”. Even though she admits that we all have flaws and things we would like to change about ourselves, she says, “That’s life”.


When you untag yourself in photos because you don’t like the way you look, or you don’t post videos because you don’t like the way you sound, that is holding you back.

Jessie Lee’s advice, and her personal trick is that instead of thinking about the negatives, she thinks about what her mom would say. Her mom would be proud, and thinks she’s beautiful. When she thinks like this, she stops thinking about her hair or voice.

When you start to be who you are unapologetically, you’ll be way more successful at everything you do. People will watch you and think you have your life together.

As Jessie Lee explains, it may not be that your life is completely together, but the fact that you accept who you are will come across. You need to accept who you are, and accept that your strengths are unique to you. People need your unique strengths, so don’t try to be somebody else.

Jessie Lee advises, “Don’t try to work on things you hate doing. Work on things you’re good at and make yourself great at them”.

Her tip for those who want to succeed quickly online is to do one thing every day that’s a little bit hard for you to do. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but it should make you just a little uncomfortable. She says, for example, if you love talking about gardening, do a five minute Facebook live video on gardening.

These little things build up to the big things. Jessie Lee and I are on the same page with this advice, and I always tell people to do something every day that scares you just a little bit. This becomes a self-evolving process, and you begin to move in an upward direction.

So, next time you feel nervous or are second guessing posting that picture or video that will take you to the next level but is a little out of your comfort zone, remember Jessie Lee’s advice.

Be unapologetically you, and you will be successful.


Confidence comes with education. If you’re prepared, you’re going to feel like you can conquer the world. – Jessie Lee

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  1. Michelle Lee says

    I absolutely loved this. For so long I felt so conflicted with how I was representing myself online and it’s been a struggle to find my voice and fight the “what will people think” and losing support from friends and teammates. Which has happened. Which was honestly the best thing that could ever have happened. Because I found MY voice, MY passion, MY calling, living and being more authentic to myself has been so liberating! Thank you for this! I can’t wait to see the videos from the event, I’m so bummed I missed it!

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