Facebook Live Versus Periscope – Which one is for you?

Facebook Live Versus Periscope

When you are ready to create video content and share it with the social media world, you have different platforms you can use. I want to really encourage that you choose to do live broadcasts. There is so much value in putting yourself out there in front of a live audience especially if you are still […]

How to Develop your Brand when you are a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

How to Develop your Brand when you are a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Do you ever get lost in all your passions? Not sure what passion to build your brand around? If you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out how you want to present your brand. In this video, I want to talk to you about how to formulate a solid brand when […]

Five Steps to Six Figures with Caleb Maddix

Five Steps to Six Figures with Caleb Maddix

If you are looking to take your business, marketing, and personal brand to the next level, this video is the key.  At the Life Intended Business Summit, I got the chance to talk to Caleb Maddix, a fourteen year old success who is currently earning a six figure income. Caleb has shared the stage with […]

How to Create Amazing Content so You Can Attract More Leads


If you are not producing content, you don’t exist. – Gary Vee If you ever struggle with what kind of content you should create, check out these killer insider tips. John and I made this video while we were in the Dominican Republic to share with you the best way to create valuable content that […]

Awesome Takeaways from Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp


I just got so inspired at Ray Higdon’s Marketing Bootcamp in Fort Meyers, and I had to create this video to share with you these great tips for creating an online marketing strategy. If you have a business and would love to generate more leads, and convert those leads into income, here is the way […]

5 Outstanding Tips to Make you Stand Out

5 Outstanding Tips to Make you Stand Out

If you want to stand out, reach celebrity status online, and help people zoom in on your goodness, you need to watch this video. These 5 power tips to standing out will teach you to project and shine brightly while you build your celebrity brand. 5 Outstanding Tips to Make you Stand Out Awesome Tips to Amplify […]

The Ultimate Secret to Creating Authentic Videos


Being authentic is one of the major struggles for beginners when it comes to creating video content. Luckily, I am here to share with you the simple secret to being very authentic and real when you create videos. If you watch this video, you will meet Lisa Kenny. I recently shared this secret with Lisa, […]

How to Bring Attention and Success to Your Personal Brand


Now that you’ve developed and identified your brand, it’s time to start getting attention and getting eyeballs on your brand! If you want to get your brand exposed, you have the opportunity to learn from a lady-preneur who went from launching her business to getting attention of some of the biggest names in business just […]

Eliminating the Stress of the Balancing Myth


Do you ever feel guilty when working overtime on your business? How about this one… ever feel overwhelmed to the point that you can’t even enjoy your family time? Or do you ever feel anxiety while on vacation? I was in New York, on top of the Empire State Building, elevated to the 86th floor […]

How to Deal with Haters on Your Journey to Success


When you start to become successful, you will have haters along the way. The bigger you play, the more adversity you experience! I am always looking to interview people who have overcome adversity and created their own success. Bob Heilig is a professional speaker and successful entrepreneur, and in this video he shares some of […]