How Gratitude Will Change Your Life


Did you know that it’s impossible to feel grateful and depressed in the same moment? A couple years ago, we learned this little secret that has revolutionized our happiness level and our business. Would you like to 10X your happiness level and your business results? Tune in … How Gratitude Will Change Your Life The […]

How to Stop Being Too Hard on Yourself

How to Stop Being Too Hard on Yourself

Do you ever find yourself in a negative state of mind because you are way too hard on yourself? This is a non-productive state and can hold you back from creating the life and business that you want. In this video, I am going to reveal five tips to conquering your mindset so that you […]

Five Steps to Six Figures with Caleb Maddix

Five Steps to Six Figures with Caleb Maddix

If you are looking to take your business, marketing, and personal brand to the next level, this video is the key.  At the Life Intended Business Summit, I got the chance to talk to Caleb Maddix, a fourteen year old success who is currently earning a six figure income. Caleb has shared the stage with […]

How to Work Smarter Not Harder Tips


Ever feel the overwhelm? That feeling that almost paralyzes you from starting at all? You’ve got huge goals, lots of projects and yet you have no idea where to start. Or maybe you are attacking the minor projects every day and you keep putting those ground-breaking projects on the back-burner. Maybe you are majoring in […]

30-Day Mental Cleanse Challenge


If you have 1% doubt, you are out! Especially for us, entrepreneurs, we have to think big and we have to play big however, a lot of times we encounter those stinking doubts which can slow us down. I want to share something so powerful that I learned from Jerry Clark, a legend inside personal development industry. Check out these easy […]

3 Fundamentals to Live the Life of Your Dreams


Some people are lost in the fire and some are built from it. When fires come, you all have two choices. Advance on all fronts at triple the speed or give in. My good friend Danelle was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year after going through a divorce with having 3 little kids… “When you face challenges, when you face […]

8 Tips to Get More Done in Less Time


We are now living in a world where every second counts. Every minute is gold and every hour is a responsibility. Time is our most valuable commodity. We seem to be so obsessed with being productive and we are so engrossed in life hacks. But having everything done in less time creates a bigger problem. Staying disciplined […]

4 Ways to Kick Anxiety and Overwhelm in the Butt!


Did you know that stress aka anxiety and overwhelm actually reduces the size of our brains? Crazy, right? Do you ever experience the notion of anxiety and overwhelm and it actually paralyzes you from doing what you do best? Let’s discover how to troubleshoot those unproductive feelings to be sure our brains stay intact. The first thing […]