3 Big Takeaways from Brendon Burchard’s 30K Mastermind

3 Big Takeaways from Brendon Burchard’s 30K Mastermind

With most people, the reason they don’t go to the next level is that they expect to glide into the next level. But getting to the next level is just like going up a mountain. It’s going to be you straining, and you have to expect that the next level is not going to be […]

How to Do a Facebook Live from a Computer


Would you like to broadcast LIVE on Facebook from your computer? What if you could also switch between scenes? Would it be awesome if you could go from a face-time video to showing your screen or your slide deck? Fasten up your seat belts as you are about to turn into a Facebook Live Broadcasting […]

How to Get Prospects Dying to do Business with you

How to Get Prospects Dying to do Business with you

John and I have been participating in Ray Higdon’s mastermind for about nine months now, and we’ve had some of the biggest breakthroughs that we’ve experienced in business in that time. Ray Higdon is one of the best marketing and business minds I have come across, and I’ve taken a lot away from our mastermind […]

Marketing Tips from Grant Cardone’s Video Production Genius, Robert Syslo

Marketing Tips from Grant Cardone's Video Production Genius, Robert Syslo

When you get to a certain level of success, you start to outsource aspects of your business to experts that can help you meet your vision and expectations. For Grant Cardone, a big part of his brand deals with creating video content and the video genius who helps produce these is Robert Syslo. In this […]

How to Bring Attention and Success to Your Personal Brand


Now that you’ve developed and identified your brand, it’s time to start getting attention and getting eyeballs on your brand! If you want to get your brand exposed, you have the opportunity to learn from a lady-preneur who went from launching her business to getting attention of some of the biggest names in business just […]

Ray Higdon’s Marketing Tips for Taking Your Business to the Next Level


If you have dead-beat leads, blame your marketing, not your them! – Ray Higdon You might have heard me say many times before that money follows eyeballs and that in today’s day and age, marketing is the number one skill to master if you want to experience THE life! If you are looking to work […]

Expert Tips on Attracting Prospects Through Social Media


When it comes to prospecting and building a team inside network marketing, Jessica Higdon is the Social Media expert. Jessica was not seeing any activity with her new company when she discovered Social Media and taught herself to use it as a prospecting tool. Within 18 months, she was 22 years old and making five […]

Ray Higdon on How to Become a 3-Minute Expert


In 2009, he was in personal foreclosure. He had over-leveraged himself in real estate, and when the financial crisis hit, the whole thing had fallen apart. Gosh, John and I lost a lot in Real Estate during the crush too … Of course, he could have just given up on his dreams, taken a job […]

Brilliant Marketing Principle You Must Know if You Want to Generate Leads


If you are a traditional business owner, entrepreneur or a network marketer and you want to reach higher levels of success, I want to teach one principle that will revolutionize your marketing and therefore drastically increase your bottom line. In business and in marketing, money follows eyeballs. Click To Tweet Marketing is all identifying interested eyeballs […]

How to 10X Your Business in 4 Simple Steps


Would you like to create 10 times the abundance, 10 times the success, 10 times the income? John and I were a part of an incredible event in Denver, Co with our good friend Danelle Delgado. One of the special guest speakers was Grant Cardone himself. Business mogul, best selling offer and the founder of […]