3 Big Takeaways from Brendon Burchard’s 30K Mastermind

3 Big Takeaways from Brendon Burchard’s 30K Mastermind

With most people, the reason they don’t go to the next level is that they expect to glide into the next level. But getting to the next level is just like going up a mountain. It’s going to be you straining, and you have to expect that the next level is not going to be […]

How to Conquer Lack of Motivation in 5 Minutes


The ability to get it done is what separates top producers from the average ones, successful from the unsuccessful, fulfilled from the unfulfilled. So if you ever feel a bit sluggish or maybe you don’t have the motivation or you even procrastinate on an important task, here is a quick video that will rock your world. […]

How to Hire Help for As Low as $3/hr


Tired of doing everything in your business without making any real progress? Do you ever feel guilty to actually enjoy your life because you have a long to-do of things you didn’t get a chance to? All of us get started in business for ourselves to enjoy a quality of life, right? But also, most of […]

How to Work Smarter Not Harder Tips


Ever feel the overwhelm? That feeling that almost paralyzes you from starting at all? You’ve got huge goals, lots of projects and yet you have no idea where to start. Or maybe you are attacking the minor projects every day and you keep putting those ground-breaking projects on the back-burner. Maybe you are majoring in […]

How to 10X Your Business in 4 Simple Steps


Would you like to create 10 times the abundance, 10 times the success, 10 times the income? John and I were a part of an incredible event in Denver, Co with our good friend Danelle Delgado. One of the special guest speakers was Grant Cardone himself. Business mogul, best selling offer and the founder of […]

8 Tips to Get More Done in Less Time


We are now living in a world where every second counts. Every minute is gold and every hour is a responsibility. Time is our most valuable commodity. We seem to be so obsessed with being productive and we are so engrossed in life hacks. But having everything done in less time creates a bigger problem. Staying disciplined […]

How to Stop Procrastinating


Do you ever struggle with getting started on a certain task? Maybe you are not good at it or maybe in your mind it’s so big and challenging that you keep pushing it off? Me too… the other day, I was struggling with a writer’s block. Here is the thing… I don’t like to write. […]