How to Do a Facebook Live from a Computer


Would you like to broadcast LIVE on Facebook from your computer? What if you could also switch between scenes? Would it be awesome if you could go from a face-time video to showing your screen or your slide deck? Fasten up your seat belts as you are about to turn into a Facebook Live Broadcasting […]

Lisa Grossmann on How to Use Social Media to Build Your Network Marketing Business


Would you like to know how legendary Lisa Grossmann drives the power of Social Media? In case you haven’t had an opportunity to connect with her, let me do a proper introduction. Lisa has been a Network Marketing Professional for nearly 30 years. She has build huge teams with over 1.2 million people. She is loved […]

Why You Should NOT Start a Facebook Fan Page


You probably have heard that Facebook is making big changes once again. That’s absolutely true. Here is a question that we get a whole lot: “As a Network Marketer, should I start a Facebook Fan Page to build my business?” Discover why launching a Fan Page is not a good strategy at all inside this […]