3 Big Takeaways from Brendon Burchard’s 30K Mastermind

3 Big Takeaways from Brendon Burchard’s 30K Mastermind

With most people, the reason they don’t go to the next level is that they expect to glide into the next level. But getting to the next level is just like going up a mountain. It’s going to be you straining, and you have to expect that the next level is not going to be […]

How Gratitude Will Change Your Life


Did you know that it’s impossible to feel grateful and depressed in the same moment? A couple years ago, we learned this little secret that has revolutionized our happiness level and our business. Would you like to 10X your happiness level and your business results? Tune in … How Gratitude Will Change Your Life The […]

How to Stop Being Too Hard on Yourself

How to Stop Being Too Hard on Yourself

Do you ever find yourself in a negative state of mind because you are way too hard on yourself? This is a non-productive state and can hold you back from creating the life and business that you want. In this video, I am going to reveal five tips to conquering your mindset so that you […]

A Motivational Experience at the Office of Grant Cardone

A Motivational Experience at the Office of Grant Cardone

Recently, Danelle and I got the opportunity to visit Grant Cardone’s office, and we had an amazing experience. The way his operation is run is truly inspiring, so I wanted to share with you some of our biggest take-aways from our experience. There were a couple of things that we saw during our time there […]

How to Deal with Haters on Your Journey to Success


When you start to become successful, you will have haters along the way. The bigger you play, the more adversity you experience! I am always looking to interview people who have overcome adversity and created their own success. Bob Heilig is a professional speaker and successful entrepreneur, and in this video he shares some of […]

How to Conquer Lack of Motivation in 5 Minutes


The ability to get it done is what separates top producers from the average ones, successful from the unsuccessful, fulfilled from the unfulfilled. So if you ever feel a bit sluggish or maybe you don’t have the motivation or you even procrastinate on an important task, here is a quick video that will rock your world. […]

7 Ways to Look Better and Improve Your Self-Confidence


Are you in need of a confidence boost? What if you had 100% confidence that you can do anything you set your mind to? If you woke up tomorrow morning with 100% confidence, how would that affect your business? Who would that affect your parenting or your relationships? If you are ready to upgrade your […]

How to Conquer Anxiety


If you are going to have anxiety … have anxiety about being in the same exact situation a year from now. Other than that, let’s talk about how to conquer it! According to Tony Robbins, anxiety is a blessing. I so agree with him. I’ve learned to really soak up the state of anxiety because […]