A Motivational Experience at the Office of Grant Cardone

A Motivational Experience at the Office of Grant Cardone

Recently, Danelle and I got the opportunity to visit Grant Cardone’s office, and we had an amazing experience. The way his operation is run is truly inspiring, so I wanted to share with you some of our biggest take-aways from our experience. There were a couple of things that we saw during our time there […]

The Ultimate Secret to Creating Authentic Videos


Being authentic is one of the major struggles for beginners when it comes to creating video content. Luckily, I am here to share with you the simple secret to being very authentic and real when you create videos. If you watch this video, you will meet Lisa Kenny. I recently shared this secret with Lisa, […]

How to Bring Attention and Success to Your Personal Brand


Now that you’ve developed and identified your brand, it’s time to start getting attention and getting eyeballs on your brand! If you want to get your brand exposed, you have the opportunity to learn from a lady-preneur who went from launching her business to getting attention of some of the biggest names in business just […]

Expert Tips on Attracting Prospects Through Social Media


When it comes to prospecting and building a team inside network marketing, Jessica Higdon is the Social Media expert. Jessica was not seeing any activity with her new company when she discovered Social Media and taught herself to use it as a prospecting tool. Within 18 months, she was 22 years old and making five […]

Lisa Grossmann on How to Use Social Media to Build Your Network Marketing Business


Would you like to know how legendary Lisa Grossmann drives the power of Social Media? In case you haven’t had an opportunity to connect with her, let me do a proper introduction. Lisa has been a Network Marketing Professional for nearly 30 years. She has build huge teams with over 1.2 million people. She is loved […]

7 Ways to Look Better and Improve Your Self-Confidence


Are you in need of a confidence boost? What if you had 100% confidence that you can do anything you set your mind to? If you woke up tomorrow morning with 100% confidence, how would that affect your business? Who would that affect your parenting or your relationships? If you are ready to upgrade your […]

How to Take Stunning Selfies with Model Kayla Oberg


Want to take stunning pictures? Pictures speak volume of your personal brand. You have got to gain the skill to project that sparkle and confidence in your pictures. If you can project your best self, you will attract the best people to you. It’s that simple. The ability to capture your own confidence is an […]

3 Fundamentals to Live the Life of Your Dreams


Some people are lost in the fire and some are built from it. When fires come, you all have two choices. Advance on all fronts at triple the speed or give in. My good friend Danelle was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year after going through a divorce with having 3 little kids… “When you face challenges, when you face […]