Five Tips for Optimum Health with former GNC CEO

One of the most important assets you have as an entrepreneur is your health. When you have more energy, you look beautiful and are in shape, you represent the best version of yourself.

In this video, former CEO of GNC, Greg Horn, teaches us the five step pledge that will help you live longer, look beautiful, and lose weight.

Five Tips for Optimum Health with former GNC CEO Greg Horn

Five Tips for Optimum Health with former GNC CEO

The number one tip, according to Greg, is to cut out sodas. Soda, he says, is full of sugar, empty calories, and doesn’t help your weight loss or health goals.

Greg says that the average American diet is 70% processed food. This statistic is not only unhealthy but disturbing! The next two tips, according to Greg, are designed specifically to get you to eat more whole foods.

Tip number two is to cut out fried foods, which can be 30% of calories in the average American diet. The third tip is to cut out the white stuff. This means white flour, sugar, and things that are heavily processed. Greg says, “You’re replacing it with great stuff, so you’re not going to miss it.”

Greg’s fourth tip is to move more. As he says, your body is designed to move every day. If you walk more, and move more, you will see a difference, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

The fifth and final tip from Greg is to simply drink more water. He recommends five 12oz glasses of water a day. Water, Greg explains, gives you a feeling of fullness. If you’re not drinking enough water, you can confuse thirst with hunger and get false signals.

In America, people want instant results. Greg says to get the fastest results, do all five of these tips at once. You will feel good while you do it, and you will see a difference quickly. If you’re eating real food, and it’s healthy food, you will avoid the negative feelings generally associated with dieting.

By following these tips, you will be on your way to a healthier life.

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