Google Hangout – What is it and How to use it (Updated)

Google Hangout is one of my very favorite tools to use to conduct video interviews and to connect with my audience. A lot of people use Google Hangout to hold webinars as well. Just in case you haven’t used it just yet, let me showcase the benefits of it and how simple it is to put it to work for you.

Google invested millions of dollars to put this FREE tool in place for you and I. Thanks, Google!

Google Plus Hangout Benefits:

  • connect with your friends or family
  • have up to 10 ‘moderators’ to hang out with (10 people can do video chat at the same time)
  • broadcast over YouTube or Your Blog to unlimited viewers
  • record your business meeting
  • share a PowerPoint presentation/YouTube videos/ your screen, etc

Hangouts brings one-on-one and group conversations to life with video calls for free.

Connect with friends across computers, Android and Apple devices.

To Start / Join a Hangout via your computer:

go to

  1. Sign into Your Google Plus Account (you have to have one)
  2. You need a webcam
  3. Use headphones if there is background noise
  4. Install Plugin for Hangouts

Google Hangout What is it and How to use it Tutorial

To Start / Join a Hangout via your cell phone:

  1. Download Google Plus App and Log into your Google Plus Account
  2. Download a Hangout App

Here’s how you start a Hangout party:

1. Sign in to Google+.
2. Click the HOME button at the top left corner. 
3. Then select the Hangouts option
4. Then choose Hangout on Air (as pictured below)

Google hangout1
5. Click on Create a Hangout On Air


6. Give your Hangout a name, invite people and you are ready to hangout!


Tips to Rock Your Broadcasts:

  • Always remember that people are attracted to people who are positive, excited and bring value so be and do those things.
  • Google Hangout loves imperfection, so don’t worry about being perfect.
  • Title of your hangout does matter so dress it up.
  • Have fun!

Additional Resources to Help You Grow Your Audience with Video:

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