How to Get Prospects Dying to do Business with you

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John and I have been participating in Ray Higdon’s mastermind for about nine months now, and we’ve had some of the biggest breakthroughs that we’ve experienced in business in that time.


Ray Higdon is one of the best marketing and business minds I have come across, and I’ve taken a lot away from our mastermind cruise recently.

In this video, I’m sharing these with you in the form of five amazing tips that will teach you how to get your prospects and clients to the point where they are dying to do business with you, without being awkward or using outdated techniques.

How to Get Prospects Dying to do Business with you

5 Powerful Tips to Get Your Prospects Chasing YOU:

Tip #1: In order for you to build a solid business, you have to be the type of person that people want to follow and do business with.

Worst kind of person

Remain a student. Remain humble. Be coachable with great attitude.

Practice what I call Elite life activities:

  • Listen to thirty minutes of audio per day
  • Read ten pages of something inspirational or instructional every day
  • Meditate
  • Pray
  • And write in your gratitude journal

Make these activities a daily habit, and continue to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

You can dress up your skill set and be an awesome closer, but deep down inside if you are negative or ungrateful, people will not want to be around you. The foundation needs to be solid.

Tip #2: Create free content that solves problems in order to build your audience (and your list)


Once you begin to build your audience, you’re going to begin attracting leads from inside that audience. Become familiar with the law of reciprocity. Whenever you give, the people who are receiving feel almost obligated to give back in return.

When you have a problem, and you’re searching for the answer, when you suddenly find a solution, the person who gave you the answer becomes a hero. Don’t just create content, think about the problems that your skill set can resolve.

The key to success in creating content in the beginning is to make it short. Your videos should be 1-2 minutes long. You have to earn the right to talk a lot. Continue to solve people’s problems, and offer value.

It’s also very important to stay consistent. In order for you to build an audience that loves you, you have to be consistent. Just as in parenting, repetition is the mother of learning. Your audience has to see you consistently show up. This is the sign of a leader. Nobody wants to follow someone who is hot one day and cold the next.

Tip #3: If you want to monetize your efforts, you need to connect with your leads to determine their needs so you can best help them


It is so crucial that you connect with your leads. When you connect, you can figure out how to solve their problems, and therefore serve them.

Pick up the phone and show them you’re human. Connect with your leads like you connect with your best friend. Ask the question, “How can I best help you?” Now you are demonstrating that you care.

You don’t have commission breath when you listen, and ask questions. That’s why we have two ears and only one mouth. When you start to determine their needs, you can refer them to somebody, help them yourself, or even recommend an affiliate product that could be the perfect solution.

Tip #4: Put your blinders on and create massive success with your main business

If you’re building a business that’s not making a six figure income yet, 90% of your focus needs to be on creating results in that business.


Once you create a six figure income in that business, you can catch a bird’s eye view of your business. From that view, you can ask yourself: “What are the income producing activities that only I can do, and what are the activities that are repetitive in nature, that I can create video content around?

You can even determine what you may be able to outsource to an assistant to pay them to do. This stage happens once you create that six figure income. Now, you know what it takes. You have cut your teeth in the business, and you know the systems and operations that it takes to get the bottom line to where it needs to be.


Then, you can evaluate where you can be more productive and perhaps take ten hours out of that business.

Once we realized what our income producing activities were in our business, we were able to discover what could go along with our business portfolio that didn’t interfere with the original business. We know how to attract leads and convert them, and we went from there.

When you put solid effort in, you can take those huge leaps.

Tip #5: Identify exposure agentsmost people

What if you had an opportunity with a big influencer in your niche, to get an interview, and they shared that interview with their audience? You can get a lot of exposure just because you are diligent in your activities.

How can you bring value to other influencers?

If you’re attracting massive exposure, but you’re not creating daily content and you don’t have the personality to handle the attention, it is going to show.

That’s why the first four steps are crucial to this process.

Using these techniques will give you the basis you need to not only attract quality leads to your business, but to maintain them and turn them into income!

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If this post was helpful to you, let’s help some more people! Feel free to share this with anyone who might enjoy it and also leave a comment below and let me know if this was valuable and what you’ll implement today.

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