Stop Giving Your Money Away to Shyness

Your shyness is costing you money. How do you conquer it?

Let’s discuss shyness, how it’s affecting your business, and how to overcome it.

Stop Giving Your Money Away to Shyness

How to Conquer Shyness

Everyone faces some level of shyness. As an introvert, I have learned that instead of me walking into a room and putting pressure on myself to be interesting, it’s more important to become interested.

You Must Believe

Become really curious about other people. Every person on this planet is here for a reason. They have a uniqueness to them and they’ve learned these amazing lessons in different areas of their lives that we can all learn from.

Sometimes we tend to get caught up in “What am I going to say?” We become so self-focused and paranoid. What we need to be doing is becoming really curious.

My number one key to success is that I love to learn. I have a natural thirst for knowledge. My husband, John Melton, says that I really like to get to know people, and have a way of pulling out the goodness in others. I ask questions, and I get to know people.

John is an extrovert. He had trouble in the past getting in front of a room of people. He would fill the seats, and promote the event, but he couldn’t get up and speak. He says, “I felt like I didn’t have the vocabulary. In my mind, I would mess it up and people would laugh at me”. He didn’t feel worthy of talking to people.


What you do if you’re in a situation where your shyness is holding you back is you weigh your ego with your bank account, and see which one weighs more. When we’re new at something, we feel like we want to be great at it before we showcase it.

You need to think really big and start small. Understand that you being shy, you being timid, and you living inside your comfort zone is costing you a fortune and robbing the people around you of your brilliance. You’re being stingy, and robbing people of your miracle that only you can share!

If you’re still wondering what comes next on your journey to overcoming shyness, listen to the sage advice of Kristina Melton. My daughter compares overcoming shyness to riding a roller coaster.

Start with the small ride, and work your way up. Soon you’ll be riding Space Mountain!

Simple Ways to Conquering Shyness:

Play Hard

  1. Instead of focusing on your insecurities, marinade your brain in your brilliance!
  2. Don’t try to be interesting. Be interested in others. Get really good at asking questions. Be curious and you’ll steal the show EVERY time!
  3. Let go of compare-itis. Stop comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle.
  4. Push your booty outside of your comfort zone daily.
  5. Practice being unapologetically YOU!

What are your tips to conquering shyness? I would love to hear them … drop them in the comments below.

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Feel free to share this with anyone who might enjoy it and also comment below on your favorite tip or your biggest takeaway. I can’t wait to see your comments!

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