How to Conquer Lack of Motivation in 5 Minutes


The ability to get it done is what separates top producers from the average ones, successful from the unsuccessful, fulfilled from the unfulfilled. So if you ever feel a bit sluggish or maybe you don’t have the motivation or you even procrastinate on an important task, here is a quick video that will rock your world. […]

How to Take Stunning Selfies with Model Kayla Oberg


Want to take stunning pictures? Pictures speak volume of your personal brand. You have got to gain the skill to project that sparkle and confidence in your pictures. If you can project your best self, you will attract the best people to you. It’s that simple. The ability to capture your own confidence is an […]

Why You Should NOT Start a Facebook Fan Page


You probably have heard that Facebook is making big changes once again. That’s absolutely true. Here is a question that we get a whole lot: “As a Network Marketer, should I start a Facebook Fan Page to build my business?” Discover why launching a Fan Page is not a good strategy at all inside this […]

3 Fundamentals to Live the Life of Your Dreams


Some people are lost in the fire and some are built from it. When fires come, you all have two choices. Advance on all fronts at triple the speed or give in. My good friend Danelle was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year after going through a divorce with having 3 little kids… “When you face challenges, when you face […]

How to 10X Your Business in 4 Simple Steps


Would you like to create 10 times the abundance, 10 times the success, 10 times the income? John and I were a part of an incredible event in Denver, Co with our good friend Danelle Delgado. One of the special guest speakers was Grant Cardone himself. Business mogul, best selling offer and the founder of […]

8 Tips to Get More Done in Less Time


We are now living in a world where every second counts. Every minute is gold and every hour is a responsibility. Time is our most valuable commodity. We seem to be so obsessed with being productive and we are so engrossed in life hacks. But having everything done in less time creates a bigger problem. Staying disciplined […]

4 Ways to Kick Anxiety and Overwhelm in the Butt!


Did you know that stress aka anxiety and overwhelm actually reduces the size of our brains? Crazy, right? Do you ever experience the notion of anxiety and overwhelm and it actually paralyzes you from doing what you do best? Let’s discover how to troubleshoot those unproductive feelings to be sure our brains stay intact. The first thing […]

5 Steps to Creating a Successful Blog


If you are serious about developing your online brand – you need a blog. Have you been thinking it might be time to consider a blog, but aren’t sure if you can pull it off and if it will provide value? Why Blog? Brands you as a leader Intellectual property An asset that produces Residual Income […]

Yoga Cleanse – How I went from Size 10 Back to Size 4


Did you know that not everything you eat gets digested? There is a stat that tells us that 80% of food consumed in the United States is processed food.  Benefits of performing a Yoga Cleanse: Only takes about an hour to an hour and a half to do You will lose lbs of crap literally […]

5 Ways to Become More Creative

5 Ways to Be More Creative

You are only one idea away from rocking your business, rocking your brand and exploding your income. Have you ever felt lack of creativity? It’s not the most productive place to be as an entrepreneur. We, entrepreneurs, have to come up with great ideas to prosper. We have to continually evolve and innovate. So what […]