How to Stop Being Too Hard on Yourself

How to Stop Being Too Hard on Yourself

Do you ever find yourself in a negative state of mind because you are way too hard on yourself? This is a non-productive state and can hold you back from creating the life and business that you want. In this video, I am going to reveal five tips to conquering your mindset so that you […]

A Motivational Experience at the Office of Grant Cardone

A Motivational Experience at the Office of Grant Cardone

Recently, Danelle and I got the opportunity to visit Grant Cardone’s office, and we had an amazing experience. The way his operation is run is truly inspiring, so I wanted to share with you some of our biggest take-aways from our experience. There were a couple of things that we saw during our time there […]

Five Steps to Six Figures with Caleb Maddix

Five Steps to Six Figures with Caleb Maddix

If you are looking to take your business, marketing, and personal brand to the next level, this video is the key.  At the Life Intended Business Summit, I got the chance to talk to Caleb Maddix, a fourteen year old success who is currently earning a six figure income. Caleb has shared the stage with […]

How to Deal with Haters on Your Journey to Success


When you start to become successful, you will have haters along the way. The bigger you play, the more adversity you experience! I am always looking to interview people who have overcome adversity and created their own success. Bob Heilig is a professional speaker and successful entrepreneur, and in this video he shares some of […]

Ray Higdon’s Marketing Tips for Taking Your Business to the Next Level


If you have dead-beat leads, blame your marketing, not your them! – Ray Higdon You might have heard me say many times before that money follows eyeballs and that in today’s day and age, marketing is the number one skill to master if you want to experience THE life! If you are looking to work […]

Expert Tips on Attracting Prospects Through Social Media


When it comes to prospecting and building a team inside network marketing, Jessica Higdon is the Social Media expert. Jessica was not seeing any activity with her new company when she discovered Social Media and taught herself to use it as a prospecting tool. Within 18 months, she was 22 years old and making five […]

Lisa Grossmann on How to Use Social Media to Build Your Network Marketing Business


Would you like to know how legendary Lisa Grossmann drives the power of Social Media? In case you haven’t had an opportunity to connect with her, let me do a proper introduction. Lisa has been a Network Marketing Professional for nearly 30 years. She has build huge teams with over 1.2 million people. She is loved […]

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Videos


I want to talk to you about seven mistakes that you want to avoid when creating videos. Chances are, if you’re watching this video right now, you’re already making videos! If I could reach through your screen and give you a  high five, I would. I’m so proud of you. That’s super awesome because here’s the deal… […]

Brilliant Marketing Principle You Must Know if You Want to Generate Leads


If you are a traditional business owner, entrepreneur or a network marketer and you want to reach higher levels of success, I want to teach one principle that will revolutionize your marketing and therefore drastically increase your bottom line. In business and in marketing, money follows eyeballs. Click To Tweet Marketing is all identifying interested eyeballs […]

30-Day Mental Cleanse Challenge


If you have 1% doubt, you are out! Especially for us, entrepreneurs, we have to think big and we have to play big however, a lot of times we encounter those stinking doubts which can slow us down. I want to share something so powerful that I learned from Jerry Clark, a legend inside personal development industry. Check out these easy […]