8 Tips to Get More Done in Less Time


We are now living in a world where every second counts. Every minute is gold and every hour is a responsibility. Time is our most valuable commodity. We seem to be so obsessed with being productive and we are so engrossed in life hacks. But having everything done in less time creates a bigger problem. Staying disciplined […]

Yoga Cleanse – How I went from Size 10 Back to Size 4


Did you know that not everything you eat gets digested? There is a stat that tells us that 80% of food consumed in the United States is processed food.  Benefits of performing a Yoga Cleanse: Only takes about an hour to an hour and a half to do You will lose lbs of crap literally […]

How to Stop Procrastinating


Do you ever struggle with getting started on a certain task? Maybe you are not good at it or maybe in your mind it’s so big and challenging that you keep pushing it off? Me too… the other day, I was struggling with a writer’s block. Here is the thing… I don’t like to write. […]

Alkaline Drinking Water: Top 4 Ways to Make Your Water Alkaline


It has been proven again and again that disease cannot live in an alkaline body. Leading nutrition experts like Dr. Otto Warberg has also supported such facts. If you are serious about a healthy life, drinking Alkaline Water is simply a must. Warning: Most bottled waters out there are acidic! How much alkaline water should you drink […]

Domain Selection & Set-Up


Important part of building your brand is domain selection. If you are building your personal brand, you should have your name in the domain name. If you have a home-based business and you are utilizing a company replicated site with a long ugly link, you should upgrade that look. You must become more than a […]

How to Create a Branded Email Signature


Start exposing people to your brand with every email you send out! One of my rules in building up my brand and my businesses is connecting with 3-5 people a day. Whether it’s a personal conversation, personal email, private Facebook message or a text message. So the goal is to showcase my brand in the […]