3 Big Takeaways from Brendon Burchard’s 30K Mastermind

With most people, the reason they don’t go to the next level is that they expect to glide into the next level. But getting to the next level is just like going up a mountain.

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It’s going to be you straining, and you have to expect that the next level is not going to be achieved without a hot mess. New levels bring new devils.

John and I came out of a two day event with Brendon Burchard that brought so much clarity and strategy to us, and gave us a higher level of appreciation for what’s going to happen this year.

I want to share with you the three biggest takeaways we got from Brendon’s 30k Mastermind. If you’re an entrepreneur, or a network marketer, and you’re ready to 10x your results in 2017, this video is for you.

3 Big Takeaways from Brendon Burchard’s 30K Mastermind

3 Big Takeaways from Brendon Burchard’s Mastermind Session

#1: You have to get real clarity on your initiatives.

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You can only have three major initiatives in any given year. If you struggle with time management, it is because you are unclear on your priorities. You have to get clarity there.

You are just a human, and you can only do so much. If you can only do so much, you’ve got to focus on the right stuff.

Even the big corporations in the world, with all the resources they have, are only focused on a handful of priorities in a year. How could you expect to take on more?

This is why people get frustrated. They don’t concentrate on money making activities, and then they move on.

#2: Everything you do, you are present, you are intentional.

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You’ve got to bring your energy up. Any room you walk into, you need to be responsible for the energy you bring.

If you walk into a room, whether it’s your house, a business meeting, an elevator, or a coffee shop, you are an energy generation machine. Your choice is to give energy or suck energy from the room. Don’t suck.

If you’re being neutral and you’re not looking to take whatever situation you are in to the next level and bring value, you’re diminishing the energy of that room. Tell your face to reflect the energy you want to bring.

#3: You have to zoom in on one product.

Whether it’s your own product or a network marketing product, you have to focus on that one product. You’ve got to improve the product and the promotion of the product. You may not have control over the product itself, but you can control the promotion. Perfect it.

While speaking of perfection, there is one more piece of advice I want to leave with you to remember. You have to reward yourself for taking action. I tend to be a perfectionist. I execute, but I always think what I’ve done could have been better.

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Truly walk away from every new experience complimenting yourself. That’s where true confidence comes from. You have to marinate yourself in your progress.

Remember, if you’re going to step it up, you’re going to mess it up. Don’t expect to glide into the next level.

When you’re reaching the next level of success, it’s like climbing that rock, or that mountain. You’re going to be out of breath, and you’re going to get some holes in your jeans.

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  1. Ellen Kirchdoerfer says

    Great message, Nadya and John! Going to the next level will not be easy…we have to be ready to kick up the energy and climb with purpose! Thanks for sharing!

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