Why You Should NOT Start a Facebook Fan Page

You probably have heard that Facebook is making big changes once again. That’s absolutely true.

Here is a question that we get a whole lot:

“As a Network Marketer, should I start a Facebook Fan Page to build my business?”

Discover why launching a Fan Page is not a good strategy at all inside this video:

Why You Should NOT Start a Facebook Fan Page:

  1. The minute you brand you by the Network Marketing business you are doing, you give up control of your brand. Don’t start a Fan Page to “build your home business”. In other words, don’t start an infomercial channel. Nobody wants to be sold.
  2. Free organic reach of Facebook Fan Pages has been drastically declining. Facebook is a big corporation and their mindset is, if you have a Fan Page for your business, pay to reach your audience.

Here’s the GOOD News:

  • Facebook can completely transform your business and your life if you know what you are doing. Utilize your personal profile to attract your ideal audience and to build your brand. Once you build a foundation of thousands of friends and followers, then you can elevate your business strategy to include a Fan Page.
  • Facebook is a Warm Market Generator, NOT a sales generator.

John and I don’t use Facebook to sell our businesses or our products, however, we generate lots of revenue from Facebook every day. So how do we make money without selling anything? Click here to learn our branding and marketing strategies.

Additional Resources to Help You Rock in on Facebook:


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