Yoga Cleanse – How I went from Size 10 Back to Size 4

Did you know that not everything you eat gets digested? There is a stat that tells us that 80% of food consumed in the United States is processed food. 

What does that have to do with health?

Yoga Cleanse – How I went from Size 10 Back to Size 4

Benefits of performing a Yoga Cleanse:

  • Only takes about an hour to an hour and a half to do
  • You will lose lbs of crap literally (sorry for the expression)
  • You will notice when toxicity leaves the system, your skin will start to glow, you will feel lighter, happier and have more energy
  • A must for good health – in my humble opinion!
  • Disclaimer: Not an easy process to endure

How to Perform a Yoga Cleanse:

What you need to do a Yoga Cleanse:maldon

  • Good Sea Salt – I love Maldon Sea Salt or look for Celtic salt, Himalayan salt, or Real Salt from Redmond, Utah. Unprocessed sea salt is what you are looking for.
  • About a gallon of warm water or more
  • 2 Tablespoons of Salt Per Half a Gallon of Water

Important Reminders:

  • Do this procedure early in the am (if you usually get up at 8am – get up at 7am and complete it)
  • You must go through it quick: Drink a Glass – Exercises – Drink – Exercises – Drink – Exercises
  • The whole process should not last longer than 90 min, 120 min max
  • The hardest part is the first 30-40 min .. you will want to give up. Just keep going! It is SO worth it!
  • Once you get to the point where you drink a glass, then bathroom – it’s a BREEZE =)
  • If you feel like throwing up – deep breath and exercises!
  • As soon as the water is somewhat clear – be done and eat something
  • Keep your food for the day to: rice, potatoes, bread – easy carbs
  • NO vegetables, NO fruit, NO meet, NO acidic foods

 Additional Health Tips:

  • John and I are huge believers in Nutrition
  • Your body is amazing
  • All disease starts with lack of something
  • Take a nutritional supplement every day
  • Eat LIVE food (stay away from processed food especially Fast Food)
  • Drink plenty of Alkaline Water ( How Many ounces? Your Body weight Divided by 2 – is the number you drink in ounces)

I sure hope you enjoyed the video! I love seeing your feedback. Like, comment or share … are you going to do the cleanse?

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Feel free to share this with anyone who might enjoy it and also comment below on your favorite tip or your biggest takeaway. I can’t wait to see your comments!

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